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Lead Management: What is it and do you manage your leads?

In Lead Management on October 23, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Lead Management is simply creating a business process to understand where your leads are generated from (marketing activity, Social 2.0, Sales etc.), and ascertain how valuable the lead(s) may be to your business and allow the priortisation of these leads to be ‘worked’ by your sales team to sell more ‘stuff’ to your customers.

By creating a process to rank and measure leads your business (regardless of size) is optimising the investment in activities which drive new business to you. By being able to measure where the ‘hottest’ leads come from and ascertaining how much it cost to generate a lead you will be able to produce Return on Investment (RoI) on your businesses leads process. Target leads

Today there are many systems which you can access on the web or you can install a client lead management software to give your business insight into managing the leads funnel.

The important thing here though is, if you are managing your leads today your well on your way to prioritising your resources such as marketing/advertising and sales investment.

If your business is not looking at a Lead Management process and actively measuring what leads are more effective than others from different activities your business may be wasting significant resource.

Take some time out, sit down and have a think about your businesses leads process works today. After that, if you think you may be wasting resource or worse missing out on opportunities then get in contact with the team at Integrati Marketing we will be happy to talk about  how your business could improve your lead management with detailed processes and metrics.


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