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So what is this “Cloud Computing” people keep talking about?

In Cloud Computing on October 29, 2009 at 6:45 pm

What is “cloud computing” well it is being able to pretty much do stuff like; word processing, photo editing, accounting, well nearly anything that you would usually need to install as a programme on your computer.

Except it works through a web page on the internet in servers (where the internet lives) and runs off the servers (data centers) and is presented to you in a browser! Think Gmail! Think Cloud computing – that is one of the best examples.

But this a ‘tech guy’ known as HighT3chDad has created a YouTube video which well is so much more fun to watch than read.

Also, great lesson in how to create Business to Business leads by using YouTube and home based video production with storyboards.

Check it out! <best viewed by click through to the article page here>


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